• Our digital four-color process printing is quick and easy. Send us logo files and any info you want included, and we’ll take care of the rest
  • Unmatched custom printing capabilities which immediately differentiates you in your market
  • Our quick process allows artwork changes quarterly to promote specials & events, engage social media followers, increase traffic to your website, or anything you imagine
  • No per color charges
  • Wide range of colors in CMYK spectrum

Low Minimums

  • Our easy digital process allows you to have lower minimums, so you can order reasonable amounts for your storage and budgeting needs
  • We don’t require minimum 500k units like other custom manufacturers, helping increase accessibility to custom ecofriendly packaging for diverse range of businesses.

Fiber Clamshells

  • 100% compostable bagasse fiber with elegant design and durability
  • Tree-free, derived from sugarcane, a natural and renewable resource
  • Eco-friendly alternative instead of packaging made of petro-chemicals
  • Oil resistant and can withstand hot and cold foods
  • Microwave Safe


6″ x 6″ single compartment
8″ x 8″ single compartment
8″ x 8″ three compartment
9″ x 9″ single compartment
9″ x 9″ three compartment
9″ x 6″ single compartment
10″ x 10″ three compartment